ACE submarine cable system

Africa Coast to Europe or ACE is the only submarine cable system serving 24 countries on the west coast of Africa and Europe.


Managed by a consortium of 19 Members, ACE was launched in December 2012 and is currently being extended to South Africa. The cable will then be 17,000 km long and will connect more than 400 million people.

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ACE Cable segment 4 Landing Station in South Africa – Work in progress

South Africa Duynfontein future Cable Landing Station – View from the Entrance side    

1st ACE Management Committee Meeting webconference

1st ACE Management Committee Meeting webconference, with Parties/Reps from Europe to the ...

Meeting of the ACE Consortium Management Committee in South Africa, hosted by MTN Global Connect

Members are working to commission the last segment to CapeTown. The Duynefontein ...