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The last segment linking Europe, West Africa and South Africa

The last segment of Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) submarine cable system, connecting Europe, West Africa and South Africa, is put into operation as of today. The Cable Landing Station is located in Duynefontein, close to Cape Town, and is connected via an interlink to Terraco CT1 data center.

With this extension of more than 4 000 kms, ACE improves connectivity and reinforces the redundancy of the whole system. As now it covers a total distance of 17 000 kms and connects 20 countries, our pop-to-pop connection (Paris – Lisbon – Cape Town) gives access to major European and African cities, allowing a better connectivity to the worldwide internet.

 An increase in design capacity to 20Tbps

Furthermore, an increase in the design capacity of the entire system to 20 Tbps is now effective.

ACE is now equipped to offer 100 Gbps access. This maximizes the possibilities of interconnection to the Internet and traffic exchanges. This will benefit data-driven customers, support the usage of e-services and further develop internet ecosystem in Africa.

« ACE cable system maximizes its performance and improves its resilience. In the context of a global health crisis that has made the reliability of high-speed networks critical, it provides high-performance connectivity. Considering the accelerated digitalization of african economies, our consortium is making a strategic contribution to the development of Internet infrastructures in Africa and is consolidating the connection of over 450 million people. We are proud to be fulfilling our commitment since 2012 to democratize Internet access in Africa, » said Philippe RECCO, ACE Consortium’s Chairman.